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Charles ('Charlie') Belhumeur (a.k.a. 'Chuck Brown')

Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada: Songwriter/Composer, Arranger, Producer, Engineer, Guitarist (Lead, Rhythm, Electric, Acoustic, Slide), Vocalist, MIDI programmer (Drums, Percussion, Bass, Keyboards (Piano / Synthesizer), Horns/Brass, Woodwinds, Strings, etc.), Website & Graphic Designer, Promoter, booking-Agent & equipment maintenance/ repair/ service Technician.

Completely exhausted by 6 months of performing for 'Booze-Cruises' onboard CARNIVAL Cruise-Ship 'PARADISE'.

This all started waaaayyy back when;... after his first couple of elementary school musical productions (Operettas) in the early 1970's, Chuck's parents recognized his musical ability at a young age, and in 1974, had him enrolled in guitar lessons at the age of 10.

By 13 years old, Chuck was writing his first simple melodies, basic chord structures, and musical  arrangements. At the age of 14, Chuck started playing in his first of various local Edmonton 'cover-bands', which continued throughout his remaining school years, including his post-secondary education in Plastics Engineering Technology at N.A.I.T. (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology), from 1983 through 1985.

During his studies at N.A.I.T., Chuck was lucky to survive & recover from a serious automobile (Triumph TR6 rag-top) rollover accident, in which he was a passenger.

In 1986, Chuck took the opportunity to further hone his technical skills by working as the Audio Engineer and lighting technician for Edmonton's top Dinner-Theatre, until 1988, when he started as a Service Technician for a popular Western Canadian Retail outlet of Musical Instruments and Professional Audio Equipment.

AXE MUSIC Service Manager + Technician stack.Chuck quickly worked his way up to Manage the Service Department, and in 1989, he received JBL certification of technical training for high-compression driver maintenance and low-frequency transducer repair (for servicing professional loudspeakers and Public Address systems).

Chuck was also busy developing a boardgame ('HOLESHOT: The ultimate Motocross experience') he invented as a child when he was appointed as the western Canadian (B.C., Alberta, Sask.) Sales Representative for various musical instruments, amplifiers, and accessories in early 1991. Eventually (starting in January of `92), Chuck went on to work as a Purchasing Agent for western Canada's two largest Musical Instrument, Professional Audio & Communications retail chains.

While still employed as a Purchasing Agent, Chuck started his own Company (C.B. CONCEPTS) on a part-time basis in 1996, in preparation to offer his services as a 'One-man Band'/Musical Entertainer; available to hire for live performances. After spending close to a year programming MIDI sequences during his 'spare time' (ha ha), Chuck made his solo debut in May of 1997, and by the end of `97, was already booking live performances 6 months in advance!

After continuing to work night & day for a few years, with his schedule fully pre-booked one year in advance, and after much preparation, Chuck took the calculated risk of finally leaving his 'day-job' for good in January 2001, in order to pursue his musical endeavours (and other creative ideas) on a full-time basis.

Chuck continues to successfully manage his own musical career to this day, performing as a 'One-man Band' (Solo Guitarist/ Vocalist) at a wide variety of different venues around the world.


"Chuck Brown: One-man Band” - SOLO Guitarist / Vocalist Musical Entertainer for Cruise-Ships, Corporate functions, Conventions, Casinos, Nightclubs, Lounges, Pubs, private-parties, Dances, Reunions, Weddings, etc.

May 2013 (since November 15, 2012): Royal Caribbean Cruise-ship; 'LIBERTY of the Seas'  ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

September - October 2012: Royal Caribbean Cruise-ship; 'OASIS of the Seas' ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

 August 17, 2012: Inducted as a Member of 'CONTINENTAL WHO's WHO': Registry of National Business Leaders, New York, USA: In recognition of Excellence , and outstanding Leadership & Achievement in the Industries of Music & Entertainment.

March 9, 2012 - August 11, 2012: Royal Caribbean Cruise-ship; 'EXPLORER of the Seas' ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

 June 10, 2011 - October 31, 2011: Royal Caribbean Cruise-ship; 'RADIANCE of the Seas' ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

 October 1, 2010 - February 28, 2011: Carnival Cruise-Ship; 'PARADISE' ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

 May 2006 - September 2010: A wide variety of Corporate functions, Conventions, Casinos, Nightclubs, Lounges, Pubs, private-parties, Dances, Reunions & Weddings throughout Canada. See a list of Chuck's PREVIOUS CLIENTS

November 2005 - April 2006: First Cruise-ship contract aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise-ship; 'SPLENDOUR of the Seas'  ...(see Cruise-Gigs for itinerary details).

October 2005 (since May 1997): Introduction/Debut of 'Chuck Brown' as a 'One-man Band' (SOLO musical entertainer) available for live performances at Corporate functions, Conventions, Casinos, Nightclubs, Lounges, Pubs, private-parties, Dances, Reunions & Weddings. See a list of Chuck's PREVIOUS CLIENTS

February 2001: 'LOOK TWICE' Musical Duo-Act with Dwayne Allen (Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar), for live performances at Corporate functions, Conventions, Casinos, Nightclubs, Lounges, Pubs, private-parties, Dances, Reunions & Weddings..

October 12, 1997: Received Certificate of Achievements from UNISONG INTERNATIONAL SONG CONTEST for Original songs 'Go get it!' & 'Sad Song', raising charitable donations for AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.


August 23, 1997: Received “Harmonious Honor Award” in HOLLYWOOD Song Jubilee, for original song: 'All for one'.


July 11, 1997: Released original songs 'Go get it!' & 'Love that lives' on HOLLYWOOD ARTISTS Album: “Songs of America”.

January 14, 1997: Welcomed as Contract Writer for HOLLYWOOD ARTISTS Record Company by signing second (2nd) commercial recording contract for original song: 'Go get it!'

September 1, 1996: Registration of independent business: “C.B. CONCEPTS”, for the promotion of all original works by Chuck Belhumeur (“Brown”).

August 24, 1996: Signs commercial recording contract with HOLLYWOOD ARTISTS Record Company, for original song: “Love that lives”.

 July 23, 1996: Signs Songwriting/Publishing agreement with OCTAVO Productions for the release of original song: “Turn the page” on “FEW & FAR BETWEEN World Compilation” compact disc (released August 14, 1996).

Oct.`95-Mar.`96: Recorded original singles: Turn the Page, Sad Song, Love that lives, Good ta see ya, All for one, Go get it!, World stops turnin’, Inside-out, & We make music.

Sept.`94-Oct.`95: Recorded singles: 'In my place', 'Certain Things', 'Grey to Blue', and 'Two of us'  with independent recording artist “PICASSO’s LIFE”.

Sept.`92-Nov.`95: Local Edmonton cover-band “K.T. & the LAZY BOYS” (a.k.a. “K.T. & the Soul Harvesters”), with Band-mates Kate Conrad (Lead Vocals & Percussion), Colin Geddes (Keyboards, Guitar & backing Vocals), Brian Groff (Bass & backing Vocals) and Gerard Gannon (Drums & Percussion).

Sept.`89-Dec.`92: Musical Duo “THIS SIDE UP” (with Dave Hiebert).

1985-`89: STAGE WEST Theatre Productions: I’m not Rappaport, Little Shop of Horrors, The Odd Couple, Social Security, Doubles, Stepping out, The Nerd, Beehive, and Nunsense.

1981-`85: Local Edmonton cover-band: “TOCATTA”, with Band-mates Denis Feldman (Vocals & Guitar), Colin Geddes (Keyboards, Guitar & backing Vocals), Kelly Field (Bass & backing Vocals) and Jim MacGregor (Drums & Percussion). 

1979-`81: Local Edmonton cover-band: “The RADICALS”, with Band-mates Kevin Krzanstek (Lead Vocals), Kelly Field (Bass & backing Vocals) and Jim MacGregor (Drums & Percussion).

1977: Initial original musical & lyrical compositions offer basic chord structures & progressions, with simple melodies.

1975: Vocal training leads to the `CAPTAIN` role of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “H.M.S. PINAFORE” (school production).

EDUCATION: Since 1974, the study of musical theory as follows:

GLOBAL GUITAR INSTITUTE; 1974 through 1977 - Edson, Alberta, Canada.

- ALFRED’s Guitar methods: Volumes one (1) through seven (7), ALFRED publishing Co., Inc.

- MEL BAY’s approach to Guitar: Volumes four (4) through six (6), MEL BAY publications, Inc.

- GIOVANNI SCHOOL OF MUSIC: 1977 through 1982 - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

- Basic Concepts in Music: 2nd Edition by Gary M. Martin, Wadsworth publishing Co..

- BERKLEE series: Modern method for Guitar: Volume one (1) by William G. Leavitt, BERKLEE Press publicatons.

- PENTATONIC Scales: National Guitar Workshop; Erik Halbig, Alfred publishing Co., Inc.

- DORIAN & MIXOLYDIAN Modes: National Guitar Workshop; Peter Einhorn, Alfred publishing Co., Inc.

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