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A song about the power of 'Mother Nature' and our own individual responsibilities during our time here on earth.



Remember a time you could have predicted a change in the season; the time of the year. But now we wait for each mornin’ to see if sunlight will cast shadows or will burn us.

The sun; it shines for you.

Today I saw on the horizon, olive-green clouds cruisin’ my way, and it looked like the heavens were about to open-up and let us 'have it'.

The wind; it blows for you.

But I wouldn’t want to be here.
No, I wanna be clear when the world stops turnin’! World stops turnin’!

Tomorrow our children get to answer for what we have left them to be proud of, but the weak and the hungry still don’t know that all God’s treasures are here for us.

The world: It turns and turns for you.