1. All for one
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A song about the commitment of participating in any 'Group', where we're expected to run on blind faith and hope that all group-members are being completely honest with each other.



I’ll give you my time, you’ve got my faith.
I’ll trust that you’ve focused your thoughts for today. In the meantime... Let’s laugh and I’ll try: Try to please you. I trust you won’t lie.

I thought that we were in together; “All for one”.
Now that you’ve done, goodbye forever “All for one”.

So how’s things these days with the world by the tail? That Golden-carrot’s just inches away, In-between time... Let’s not bite our nails, or hold your breath now. You’d better exhale.

Your plan runs on it’s good-faith.
The time has come to cut your losses,
and they happen to include me,
Not “All for One”. All for one!