1. Sad Song
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A song about the realization of being in a relationship that's just not working, and the sadness of knowing there's no real hope for any long-term future together.



What’s the matter?... The clothes I’m wearin’ ain’t enough for you and your kind? I’d like to tell you ‘I’m sorry’ but you know that I won’t lie.

You and I, we seem to write a sad-song.

In case ya didn’t notice, I was caught ‘red-handed’ looking your way.
It's just that you are bad news for me
and we cannot be.

You and I (just/still/we) seem to write a sad-song,
The timing’s right for all except (this/our) sad-song.

And so it turns-out we’re much like
fire and water when we mix together.
It’s kinda funny the things I notice, tell our sorry fate.