1. Go Get it!
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A song inspired by my low tolerance for hearing people wish for things that are well within their grasp, but are unwilling to put in the effort. 'Dreamers' & 'Talkers' with no plan of action. In short; a song about lazy bastards! The agressive feel of the music reflects my frustration with this subject matter. Definitely the fewest lyrics I've written for any song in a long time: Straight to the point!



Man I’d like to...in fact I think I’m gonna!
Can you imagine, if it were to happen?
Tiny shoes, on the wrong feet.
Face to face: Destiny you meet.

You got-you got-you got ta go get it!
What "it" may be; Ya got ta go get it!
You got-ta got-ta got-ta go get it!
We got-we got-we got ta go get it!

Do you think that while you get fatter,
It’s just delivered on a silver platter?
Probably for-sure, maybe somehow,
There’ll come a day. There’s no time like now...