1. We make Music
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A song about staying up all night playing music with good friends, and being suprised by what results from a good ol'-fashioned 'jam-session'!



Well the three of us was hangin’ out,
A simple night goes-by so fast.
We’ve got the toys, c’mon lets play with our hearts - our soul - fingers our past.
I want ya'll to listen now: It sounds like we make music.

You tell me your side, I’ll tell you mine.
Check-it-out it kinda sounds like Music.
I want you all to listen how; it sounds like we make Music!

Just the two of us were burnin’-out,
The clock well it just chases us to rest.
Well the third man in; he’s goin’ strong,
When keepin’ later hours he’s the best.
Ev'rybody listen how it sounds like we make music.

What was that you said? Hope you’re doin’ fine.
Check it out; it kinda feels like Music.
C'mon people gather ‘round; sounds like we make Music!