1. Inside-Out
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A song about healing after a broken relationship, and getting to the point of wanting to love again, but being apprehensive to take that risk.



Though it's been long since we've gone our seperate ways, you still appear from within me, every waking day.

Wasn't that the greatest feeling that you ever had?... The two of us together, walking hand in hand.
We've seen so much together, but grew so far apart. I wish I could ignore this calling from my heart...

Call it love...
Tonight I feel like I can do anything.
...there's a fool inside who wants to feel it again.
Call it love: Tonight I feel like I can do anything... it could seem so right, I can remember when,..
It was love: Tonight I feel like I can do anything... kept me warm inside; could never see the end...
Until love: Tonight (I'm gonna win / had turned inside-out)...

Your face still remains an image burning in my mind. Can I help to cool the embers?... or trust the hands of time?

The next tune sets the mood for me, sounding like romance, I'm all through sittin' the songs away; I need someone to dance...