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***BEFORE you even give these tracks (below) a quick listen & ask:
"Why the hell would anybody want THAT crap?!"
You should understand that...

My 'BACKING TRACKS' are specifically intended to provide ACCOMPANIMENT for 

Read my 'Backing Tracks' BLOG...


a) As they are intended for use by GUITAR-PLAYER / VOCALISTS, they are purposely without GUITAR PARTS AND VOCALS (as explained in my 'Backing-Tracks blog').

b) As they are intended for use during live performances, the VAST MAJORITY include a 'count-in' of some sort (usually a closed hi-hat cymbal or 'rim-shots') at the very beginning of each track.

c) I have named the title of each 'Backing-Track' starting with the initials "BT", in order to differentiate them from those same 'Cover-Songs' which I've also recorded another version of (complete with my own Guitar & Vocal parts), and released for sale.

d) I have chosen to ensure that some songs are kept together in this alphabetical list by starting their titles with a UNIQUE PREFIX, just so that they're MUCH easier to quickly find as a GROUP:
- ALL THEME SONGS (from Television & Films) start with "BT: THEME- ..."
- ALL CHRISTMAS SONGS are grouped together as "BT: XMAS- ..."


If you took the time to completely read my 'BACKING-TRACKS BLOG', then I THANK YOU!
...(I know it was A LOT to 'take-in').

My BLOG explains why I've chosen to make my BT's available for FREE!!!
...but any (optional) donations you might offer would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! ...THANK YOU!
All I ask is that you please either sign-up (for FREE) as a ChuckBrown.ca 'MEMBER', or 'SUBSCRIBE' to my website.
'click' HERE to see SIGN-UP DETAILS

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It's now time for you to FINALLY check `em out for yourself.
I sincerely hope that you're able to put them to good use, with all my blessings.



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